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Fifth and Cedar Neighborhood Plan

On February 4, 2013, the Fifth & Cedar Neighborhood Plan was presented to City Council.  The presentation outlined the planning process, findings from public input, and recommendations to address key issues in the neighborhood.  Key issues include street conditions, stray animals, criminal activity, and aging commercial areas.

Recommendations from the plan identify activities for both the City and residents in order to improve the neighborhood.  Highlights include an incentive program for increasing private lighting, rebuilding several streets, and marketing pet education materials to decrease stray animals in the neighborhood.  The presentation included the City’s Action Plan which lays out activities expected in the immediate future.  A similar action plan is being developed by neighborhood residents to direct their activities.

Such neighborhood planning plays an important role in bringing residents together to proactively address the issues that face their neighborhood. Envision Garland, the city’s Comprehensive Plan, supports neighborhood planning and other activities that engage residents and enhance neighborhood health.

Neighborhood Study

Neighborhood Plan

Neighborhood Action Plan

5th Street Corridor Improvement Project

For additional information regarding the Fifth & Cedar Neighborhood Plan, please call
, 972-205-2445

For more information on Garland Neighborhood Based Groups, please contact
Felisa Conner, Neighborhood Vitality Manager, at 972-205-3864