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What Makes Neighborhood Management Work?

Building upon existing assets is an effective way to excite, connect and inform citizens.  This can be a catalyst and a spark for community change.  This may also require a mind shift for many people.  Instead of focusing on what is wrong, it may be more appropriate to start with what is working, and more productive to operate from the belief that everyone stakeholder has a gift or talent to share, as well as a responsibility to the community.  We call this community accountability.

Individuals benefit from this process through:

  • a personal discovery of skills and talents;
  • access to people who share common goals;
  • increased problem-solving capabilities; and
  • building relationships with neighbors

Neighbors benefit from:

  • a heightened sense of community and shared neighborhood pride;
  • the sharing of gifts, resources and skills among neighbors;
  • improved and effective communication between neighbors (residents, faith, community, associations and businesses); and 
  • a strong vital neighborhood built by strong, excited residents

Garland benefits through:

  • increased citizen engagement;
  • dialogue with residents;
  • direction in providing services effectively at the neighborhood level; and
  • improved and stabilized neighborhoods