Garland Neighborhood Management Academy

The Garland Neighborhood Management Academy (GNMA) offers educational classes on a variety of topics important to neighborhood vitality.  Categories include citizen engagement, leadership development, and neighborhood management.

GNMA, an important component of the Strategy for Vital Neighborhoods, exists to provide community stakeholders with the tools to actively engage in the municipal government process and to manage neighborhood growth and change.  The course offerings are designed to educate, inform, and empower residents and organizations to fulfill their role in sustaining thriving neighborhoods.

For our full course guide, please click here or for more information, contact Laura Castillo, 972-205-2451. 

Fall 2014 Classes

Grassroots Leadership
Building and sustaining great neighborhoods is no accident. It requres motivation, action, engagement, vision, planning - LEADERSHIP. If you are ready to stand up and stand out as a grassroots leader, register for the Fall GNMA series - Grassroots Leadership. To register email

 September 9 Grassroots Leadership Pt. 1  Register Now!
 September 16 Grassroots Leadership Pt. 2  Register Now!

Home Maintenance 101
This is the course all homeowners should attend for the essential how-to's of maintaining one of your most valuable investments, your home. Ranging from landscapting to caulking, you can learn from the experts! To register email

October 4      Home Maintenance 101         Register Now!


Registration deadlines are one week prior to the start of the class. Space is limited! 
Unless otherwise stated, classes are free, but registration required.
For more information, you may contact Laura Castillo972-205-2451.

Certification Program

You can become GNMA "certified" by taking courses in one of three areas of concentration: Citizen Engagement, Leadership Development, and Neighborhood Management. The guided tracks allow citizens to focus their training on the critical facets of neighborhood health. City Government 101 is a pre-requisite for any of the three certification tracks. Participants must complete five courses beyond City Government 101 to become certified. Participants will receive certificates of completion for each certification track completed.

Interested individuals are invited to take any number of courses that are of interest, even if they are not within a single track.

For more event information, see our Event Calendar.