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Proposed Cases

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P 14-05 Town of Duck Creek
P 14-08 Las Brisas Annex Addition
P 14-16 Restaurant Headquarters Addition
P 14-17 Castle Point Phase 2 Preliminary Addition
P 14-19 McCree Industrial District Addition
P 14-23 Vaulk Storage Addition
P 14-27 Murphy Medical Plaza Addition
P 14-28 Osborn Addition
P 14-30 Verizon Garland Addition
P 14-31 Campbell Firewheel Addition
P 14-32 Spencer Addition
P 14-33 Castle Point Phase 1 Final Plat Addition
P 14-34 Monroe Cabinet Addition
P 14-35 Firestone Addition
P 14-36 Taylor Ranch Addition
P 14-37 Hillside on the Lake Phase 1
P 14-38 Garland City Center
P 14-39 Lyons Fire and Substation Addition
P 14-40 Garland Retirement Center Addition
P 14-41 Firewheel Center Replat Addition
P 14-42 Golden Chick of Garland Addition


Z 14-34 RaceTrac Petroleum - Specific Use Permit for Retail Sales with Gas Pumps
Z 14-39 Fourth Avenue Investment LLC - Change of zoning from a Planned Development District for Neighborhood Services to a Planned Development District for Single Family
Z 14-40 The Dimension Group - Restaurant with Drive Through
Z 14-42 Apartment Development Services - Detail Plan for Multi-Family
Z 14-43 Masterplan - Specific Use Permit for a Recycling Center
Z 14-44 Verizon Wireless - Specific Use Permit for Antenna Commercial Type 2
Z 14-45 INZI Inc - Specific Use Permit Retail Sales with Gas Pumps
Z 14-46 AT&T Mobility - Antenna Commercial Type 2 (renewal)
Z 14-47
Harlan Properties – Detail Plan for a Townhouse Development
Z 14-48 MUY Hamburger Partners LLC – Specific Use Permit for Restaurant with Drive through
Z 14-49 Smithers Merchant Builders LP – Change of zoning from SC to PD for MF, DP and SUP for Nursing Home

Recently Approved Cases

Z 14-33 Nandanvan One Inc - Specific Use Permit for Retail Sales with Gas Pumps
Z 14-35 INU USA Inc - Specific Use Permit for Retail Sales with Gas Pumps
Z 14-36 Shearer Design and Associates - Change of zoning from Office-1 to Office-2
Z 14-37 Israel Tirado - Restaurant with Drive Through
Z 14-38 GFC Leasing Corp - Restaurant with Drive Through