GDC - Public Outreach

Joint Plan Commission/City Council Work Sessions

The purpose of these meetings is to discuss policy direction on certain sections of the Garland Development Code (GDC) based on the discussions with the Plan Commission and City Council in previous work sessions. This direction will assist in making revisions to the next draft of the GDC.

Meeting Dates

Each meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 15
Thursday, May 22 *
Thursday, May 29 *

*If Needed

Meeting Location

Due to disruptions expected to be caused by construction activity at Garland City Hall, these meetings will be held in the Goldie Locke Room located in the basement of the Duckworth Utility Services Building at 217 N. Fifth Street. The Duckworth Building is located across the street from City Hall. These meetings will also be broadcast on the City’s government access cable channel, CGTV, which is available on AT&T Uverse channel 99, Time Warner Cable channel 16, Verizon FIOS channel 44.


Parking for these meetings will be limited. For information regarding the parkind in this area please click the this link.

Previously Held Meetings