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Q. I live in a single-family home – how will the GDC impact my property?

A. Properties that are currently zoned in a Single-Family zoning district, whether it is a straight district or a Planned Development (PD) district will still be zoned Single-Family. The Single-Family (SF-16) District is being eliminated and all properties currently zoned SF-16 will now be zoned SF-10. Single Family Districts within the Downtown Form Based Code boundary will be within the Downtown District which permits single family uses.

Q. I understand that properties currently zoned in the Freeway (FW) district will be changed to a new district since this district is proposed to be eliminated in the GDC. How will that affect my property?

A. Properties zoned FW will be rezoned to the new district that most closely matches the existing use on the property. If the property is undeveloped, the new district will be based on compatibility with surrounding zoning and land uses, and with the recommendations of the Envision Garland 2030 Future Land Use Map. For example, a property that is zoned FW and is developed with a shopping center will most likely be rezoned to the Community Retail (CR) district.

Q. My commercial property does not meet the site development standards proposed in the GDC. Will I have to bring my property into compliance with new requirements pertaining to building design, screening and landscaping, and signage?

A. Properties that were legally developed under existing regulations will not be required to meet the new standards. Certain property improvements, such as a building addition or parking lot expansion, may trigger compliance with specific requirements depending on the extent and nature of the improvement. However, new provisions have also been added to allow for administrative approval of alternative compliance for existing properties undergoing expansion or redevelopment, in certain instances.

Q. What sources were used in the creation of the draft of the Garland Development Code (GDC)?

A. The GDC is not a complete rewrite of all the development regulations for the city. The existing zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance and development regulations for the City of Garland were used as a basis for the draft of the GDC. Meetings were held at the outset of the GDC draft process with developers and others who have gone through the development process in Garland to obtain input regarding necessary revisions. Through review and analysis, changes were made based on the professional expertise of city staff and the consultants; research of development regulations from surrounding cities including but not limited to Frisco, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and Sachse; and research of nationwide examples of successful regulations and development trends in urban planning were also used.

Additional FAQs will be added to the website throughout the adoption process