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About the GDC


The purpose of the Garland Development Code is to create regulations that:

• Provide a diversity of development types with a variety, balance, and mix of uses.

• Create an identifiable community identity through quality architecture, landscape and urban design, preservation, and unique community character.

• Encourage development that is adaptable to market changes and efficiently uses natural resources.

• Encourage development that promotes a high quality of life.

• Encourage compatible development that is supportive and protective of existing assets and is a catalyst that achieves the community’s vision and goals.

What’s Been Done

GDC Diagnostic Report Summary

The first step in drafting the Garland Development Code involved preparation of the Diagnostic and Regulatory Action Report by the GDC consultant team. This task included examination of existing regulations, interviews with the City’s development review team and interviews with developers, architects, engineers and others who participate in Garland’s development process. The following concepts guided the diagnostic evaluation: coordination of development regulations and standards; provision of a user-friendly format; simplification of the development process; incorporation of innovative planning principles; and provision of legally sound and just regulations. The consultant team evaluated the existing development regulations and the information gleaned from the interviews with respect to these guiding concepts. The resultant Diagnostic and Regulatory Action Report documents the need for modification of the development regulations and for creation of a more functional format.

City Council formally adopted the Garland Development Code (GDC) on May 19, 2015.  The GDC includes the latest zoning and subdivision regulations, development standards and procedures for the City of Garland.

Garland Development Code revised October 2017