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Recommendations, strategies, and actions identified in Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan will be realized through combined efforts of the City of Garland and community stakeholders, including residents, property owners, businesses and employers, developers, civic organization, and other public agencies.  Whether it is through informal, every-day activities or in an organized program or project, stakeholders' efforts are an investment to Garland's future.  Focused goals and cooperative activities will ultimately lead to the future that participants identified in Envision Garland

Implementation Actions Currently Underway

Some of the implementation actions identified in Envision Garland and undertaken by various City of Garland staff are highlighted in the links below.  Terms in parenthesis refer to the strategic elements addressed in the comprehensive plan.  Click on the links to learn more about each implementation activity. 

  • Seven Catalyst Areas throughout Garland were identified in Envision Garland as important locations for focused reinvestment potential.  (Land Use, Economic Development, Transportation & Infrastructure, Community Design)
  • Current Planning Projects are underway or recently completed.  (Land Use, Economic Development, Community Design)
  • Garland Development Code (GDC) ...  (Land Use, Economic Development, Transportation & Infrastructure, Community Design)
  • Neighborhood Planning ...  (Land Use, Housing & Neighborhoods, Community Design)
  • Vital Neighborhoods ... (Housing & Neighborhoods, Community Design)
  • Attracting new development and redevelopment ... (Land Use, Economic Development, Transportation & Infrastructure)
  • Citywide Programs & Initiatives illustrate a variety of community-wide activities that contribute to Envision Garland implementation.  (Economic Development, Housing & Neighborhoods, Transportation & Infrastructure, Community Design)

All downloadable documents are in Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise noted.