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Planning 101

An Introduction to Comprehensive Planning

What is a comprehensive plan?
A comprehensive plan is a written document identifying goals, policies, and strategies for the growth and development of a community.  The plan reflects community values and provides a guide for making land use changes, planning capital improvement programs, and directing future growth. 
Comprehensive plans often address the topics of land use; economic development; neighborhoods; urban design; infrastructure, transportation, and mobility; parks, open space, and the environment; and special districts within the city.  Most important, the plan should address opportunities and issues that are likely to affect the city's future growth, development, and vitality.

Why have we created the Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan?
The City of Garland is legally required to have and maintain a comprehensive plan.  Garland's first comprehensive plan was developed in the 1960s.  Another plan was developed in the 1980s and had been periodically updated.  Envision Garland is the current comprehensive plan, which addresses the community's future through the year 2030. 

How does Envision Garland affect my property?
Envision Garland does not impact current zoning regulations or property usage.  It reflects the community's vision for its future and provides a guide for making future decisions through goals, policies, and strategies outlined in the plan.

How has the public been involved in Envision Garland?
Garland residents, businesses, property owners, and the City of Garland worked together on Envision Garland for over two years; several hundred Garland stakeholders particiapted in its development.  Their hopes and vision for our community's future were sought by the City through surveys, community workshops, and other public outreach activities.  Local Garland stakeholder input and vision are the foundation of Envision Garland;  that public participation and support was invaluable and is reflected throughout the document.

A summary of public input methods and events can be found in background information found on the Document Library page.  Additional information about the public input process can be reviewed in the plan document itself.  The Plan Commission and City Council hosted a series of public hearings to discuss the Envision Garland draft document. These public hearings were televised on CGTV and can now be viewed on CGTV's Streaming Video website

How was Envision Garland be accomplished?
Recommendations, strategies, and projects identified in Envision Garland were realized through combined efforts of the City of Garland and community stakeholders: residents, property owners, businesses and employers, and developers, as well as civic organizations and other public agencies.  Whether it is through informal, every-day activities or formally in an organized program or project, stakeholders' efforts are an investment in Garland's future.  Cooperative, focused goals and activities will ultimately lead to the future that participants identified in Envision Garland.

Will there be updates to Envision Garland?  When?
Yes, updates will occur periodically over the 20-year lifespan of Envision Garland.  A five-year update cycle is not uncommon; however, the frequency of comprehensive plan updates depends on the particular community and related economic and physical factors, such as changes in population numbers and composition; construction and development; and general employment and economic conditions. 

All downloadable documents are in Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise noted.