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The American Recovery and Reinvestement Act

Stimulating Garland’s Economy

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“ARRA” or “Recovery Act”) was signed into law on Feb. 17, 2009, by President Barack Obama. It was intended to jumpstart the economy as the nation tries to recover from a global economic downturn. The Federal government made money available to states, cities, non-profits and other agencies and organizations. Funding came through many different processes and for a wide variety of goals and priorities.

What it means for Garland

Because the effects of the downturn are being felt locally, the City of Garland pursued various funding opportunities made possible through ARRA. The City of Garland and other local agencies played an important role in creating jobs and new economic opportunity through ARRA by contracting for construction and consulting activities, purchasing goods and services and hiring full-time or temporary employees. As a result of the Recovery Act, the community received over $22 million for projects. View the revised list of awarded grants benefiting Garland.

Our Impact

The City shares the Federal government’s commitment to accountability and transparency for this process of reinvigorating Garland’s economy. Each quarter the City reported on the progress of putting to work ARRA funds for each awarded grant. The City has successfully completed all of the grants awarded under ARRA. Click here to view a snapshot of the impact of our efforts. Read more information on ARRA impact at the National and State level.

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Helpful links on ARRA/ the Recovery Act

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