Just Added at Holford

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A Bite of Cake

Leave the corner bakery behind! Decorate your own cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Learn how to level your cake, proper frosting techniques, and different ways to decorate the perfect cake for any special occasion.

Self Improvement Hypnosis

Open your mind to new insights and ideas. Using guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused direction, work on specific goals for self improvement.

Dry Media Drawing & Painting

See the world through an artist's eyes! Using charcoals, pastels, and pencils, learn how to draw and paint works of art.

Athletic Elite Basketball

Become a dimensional player! Improve all aspects of the game including dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Mad ScienceĀ 

Science has never been more fun! Complete hands on activities, watch amazing demonstrations, and take home a project every day.

Princess Dance Camp

Find a happily ever after with twirling tiaras and tutus! Learn basics of ballet, tumbling, and creative movement.

Break Dance Camp

Join the crew! Learn classic moves in break dancing including pop and lock, freeze, rewind, jerk, top rock, 6 step and more.