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Modeling, Etiquette, and Acting

Find beauty inside and out.  Learn posture, how to sit, table settings, and manners.  Cover make-up application, wardrobe choices, and modeling stances as well as acting and improv activites.

Balance and Coordination 

Balance out your day!  Develop locomotor skills through goal oriented activities that will improve body awareness, range of motion, and ability to judge distances.

Flex Ball Pilates

Condition the whole body with well balanced routines that teach proper breathing and spinal alignment while strengthening the deep torso muscles.  

Skyhawk Sports

Take the first step into athletics!  Learn the essentials of soccer, basketball, and t-ball in a structured environment where the focus is fun.

Cheer Combo

Ready, okay!  Perform floor exercises, games, backbends, front and back tumbling skills, splits, and more while learning the basics of cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling.