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Start off with a slam dunk! Learn the basic skills of the game including dribbling, shooting, and ball movement.


Rollin' down the river. Discover local paddling locations while experiencing flatwater canoeing. Learn water safety and paddling skills while taking an exciting water adventure with seasoned canoe instructors.

Pencak-Silat Defense

Think, Act, and Defend!  This Indonesia art of self defense teaches principles based on the mindset of survival not competition.


The latest dance craze!  Through guided instruction and easy to follow demonstration, learn the basic six count steps of half turns, full turns, and start off set to the rhythmic sounds of R&B and Smooth Jazz.

LIFE Tae Kwon Do

A lifetime of benefits for your body and mind!  Learn the graceful and fluid movement of jumps, kicks, and punches.


Pass, set, spike!  Learn basic volleyball skills through effective and organized instruction.