Just Added at Bradfield

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Safety Skills

Stay safe! Learn about setting boundaries and how to ask for help from adults. Through role playing and practice, have fun learning positive and practical solutions on how to protect yourself.

Football Fanatics

You could go all the way! All aspects of the game will be covered from the rules to the skills. Learn passing, catching, tackling, and route running techniques that can be used at all levels.


Make some music! Learn the basics of violin including proper stance, how to hold the bow, finger placement on strings, and bowing patterns. Basic keys, correct tune, and sight reading will be covered.

Sports Combo

Get active and get fit! Learn basic skills of different sports and physical fitness activities. Strengthen locomotor, non locomotor, and manipulative skills while exploring movement concepts.


A great start lasts a lifetime. Various techniques and drills teach the fundamentals of hitting, catching, and throwing.

Boot Camp

Your life; your body; your adventure! Get up and get outside for an invigorating workout including fitness instruction, motivational training, and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals.