Landlord FAQs


What is the Payment Standard?
The amounts listed have been adopted by the Garland Housing Agency as the new payment standards and will be in effect for regular new move ins and moves (change of unit) effective 3/1/2014.

2014 Payment Standards

What if the tenant has people living with them that are not on the lease?
The tenant agrees neither to assign this lease, nor to sublet or transfer possession of the premises, nor to give accommodation to boarders or lodgers without the written consent of the landlord and prior approval of the GHA.  The tenant further agrees not to use or permit the use of the dwelling unit for any purpose other than as private dwelling unit solely for the tenant and the tenant's family.  If any of the above occurs, please notify the coordinator for the tenant immediately.

How do I handle a tenant that damages my property?
The tenant will be responsible for damages to the unit and premises, other than normal wear and tear, that are caused by any member of the tenant's family, guests of the tenant, and the persons under the tenant's control.

What do I do if I need to evict the tenant?
The owner may only evict the tenant from the contract unit by instituting a court action.  The owner must give a tenant a notice that specifies the grounds for termination of tenancy.  The notice of grounds must be given at or before the commencement of the eviction notice.  The notice grounds may be included in, or may be combined with any owner eviction notice to the tenant.

What if the check from the housing agency is late?
The tenant is not responsible for payment of the portion of contract rent covered by the housing assistance payment under the HAP contract between the owner and the housing agency.  The housing agency's failure to pay the housing assistance payments to the owner is not a violation of the lease.  During the term of the lease, the owner may not terminate the tenancy of the family for nonpayment of the assistance payment.
It is the goal of the Garland Housing Agency to ensure payments are received in a timely manner. Due to recent changes in the cash management requirements of HUD, payments cannot be processed until the 1st business day of the month. Bank deposits are usually no later than the 3rd business day.

How much am I allowed to charge for rent on the Housing Choice Voucher Program?
The rent to owner must be reasonable in comparison with rents charged for comparable units in the private unassisted market or for units assisted under the Housing Choice Voucher Program.