What are the Income Limits for receiving Section 8 Rental Assistance?
Size of Family Income
1 $23,650.00
2 $27,050.00
3 $30,400.00
4 $33,800.00
5 $36,500.00
6 $39,200.00
7 $41,900.00
8 $44,600.00

What are the latest utilitiy allowances?

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What if I have a fair housing complaint against my current landlord?
Please go here:  http://www.garlandtx.gov/gov/hk/housing/fair/faq.asp

Who is responsible for the security deposit or deposit on utilities?
The tenant is responsible for all deposits. GHA does not provide funds for these expenses.

How much rent does a Housing Choice Voucher holder pay?
The tenant is responsible for rent in the amount of 30% of the annual adjusted gross income of the family.

Must a landlord rent to a Housing Choice Voucher holder if there is a unit available?
No. The decision to rent to a tenant is the landlord's, as is the responsibility for checking credit and rental histories.

Must a landlord rent to a Housing Choice Voucher holder if there is a unit available?
No. The decision to rent to a tenant is the landlord's, as is the responsibility for checking credit and rental histories.

Can a Housing Voucher be transferred to another agency?
A voucher can be transferred to another agency, unless that agency is within GHA's jurisdiction (50 mile radius). In that case, there is no need to transfer. GHA will service Vouchers within our jurisdiction.

Who finds the unit to live in?
Voucher holders find their own housing units. GHA has a list of landlords who are on the program. If housing is found that is not on the GHA program, a landlord can apply to be on the program. All units must pass a Housing Quality Standards inspection by a GHA inspector before approval.

Can a person take an application home to fill out in advance?
Online applications are only accepted when the waiting list is open.
Garland Housing Agency will no longer process hard copy applications.

If a family is on the waiting list in another city, can it transfer to the GHA waiting list?
No. Each agency maintains its own list. However, you may apply to as many agencies as feasible in your attempt to get housing assistance.

Does a Voucher holder have to live in an apartment?
No. There are single family houses, townhouses, duplexes and apartments on the Garland Housing Agency program.

How many Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are available through the City of Garland Housing Agency?
Currently, the City of Garland Housing Agency administers over 1400 Housing Choice Vouchers.

Deposits are set by the landlords and utility companies, not by Garland Housing Agency.
How much is the deposit on a unit?

Is an individual eligible for housing if he/she has a job?
Yes, as long as the family's total adjusted gross income falls within the guidelines.

How long does it take to get rental assistance once a family is on the waiting list?
At this time the GHA does not know how long a person will have to remain on the waiting list.  You can check your position number and status by visiting www.waitlistcheck.com.

What if there is an emergency?
Presently, there are no emergency shelters in Garland. People needing emergency assistance are referred to private social organizations or to shelters in Dallas.

What do we bring when we apply?
Everyone must present a picture I.D. at the time of application.

How do you get on the GHA waiting list?
The Garland Housing Agency's waiting list is currently closed to new applications.

How does an individual or family get on Section 8 in Garland?
The demand for rental assistance is greater than the number of available Housing Choice Vouchers. GHA must wait for families to leave the program before adding new families. When families move off the program, vacated slots are filled from GHA’s waiting list of qualified applicants.

Does the City of Garland have Public Housing?
The Garland Housing Agency only administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8).

How does Section 8 Rental Assistance differ from Public Housing?
Public Housing units are specific areas and complexes set aside for housing families.  Section 8 units, however, are located in privately owned multi and single family dwellings throughout the City of Garland and surrounding communities, allowing tenants to choose the type of unit and the area in which they want to live.

What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) assistance?
Section 8 Choice Housing Voucher was authorized by Congress under Section 8 of the United States Housing Act of 1937. Section 8 was established to help lower economic families find safe, affordable housing.  The Garland Housing Agency provides assistance to Housing Choice Voucher holders, based on family size and income.

Does the Garland Housing Agency offer the Housing Choice Voucher Home Ownership program?
In order to be eligible for the Garland Housing Agency (GHA) home ownership program, a family must meet the following criteria:

  1. The family must be a current voucher program participant for at least one year.
  2. The family must qualify as a first-time homeowner (no member of the family has had any ownership interest in a principal residence in the past 5 years).
  3. The annual income of at least one adult family member who will own the home must be equal to or greater $10,300.00.
  4. For disabled families annual income must be equal to the monthly Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) x 12.
  5. If any family member has previously defaulted on a mortgage when participating in the voucher homeownership option, the family is ineligible for the homeownership option.
  6. Except for cooperative members who have acquired cooperative ownership shares to commencement of homeownership assistance, no family member may have a present ownership interest in a residential property.   
  7. The family must also satisfy any other initial eligibility requirements established by the GHA. 
  9. The family can have any repayment agreements with GHA or any other housing agency/authority. 
Please contact your case worker for more details and how to apply.