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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Garland Housing Agency (GHA) is to provide a stabilizing foundation of decent, safe, and sanitary housing to low and moderate income families as they improve their quality of life through self-sufficiency.

Our History

The City of Garland began the Housing Agency in 1976 when the first 100 Section 8 vouchers and certificates were received from The Department of Housing and Urban Development. This happened only two years after the Section 8 program was introduced at the Federal level.

Currently, the GHA is assisting more than 1,500 clients, and the numbers continue to increase. We are projected to be at 100 percent of our lease rate. None of this would be possible if it were not for a staff whose hard work and dedication to our program enable GHA to offer assistance. With an operating budget of more than $10 million, GHA is able to assist low and moderate income families by placing them in privately owned apartments, houses and other residential dwellings while paying only a proportionate share of their income for rent.

The programs administered by GHA include:

All have the task of providing individuals with opportunities to improve themselves and the lives of their families.


Additional Resources and Information

Search for housing on the GoSection8 site.

See the Administrative Plan 2017

Find additional information on HUD's website.