Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Texas Department of Health.

How do I apply for a position with the City of Garland?
The City of Garland provides a web-based Career Center for posting available positions and accepting applications. Click here to view and apply to current job opportunities with the City of Garland. 

If you do not have internet access at home, you may apply in the Human Resources Department at City Hall or at a Garland Public Library location.

How do I contact the Office of the City Secretary?
The telephone number is 972-205-2404; the FAX number is 972-2399. The office is located at City Hall, 200 N. Fifth Street.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How do I report a large pothole that has developed in front of my house?
Contact the Street Department at 972-205-3555 or via email at  Please be as specific as possible about the location and size of the pavement defect.  If you believe that the pothole is an imminent hazard and needs immediate attention, please let us know.

Since the implementation of the stormwater permit, is the water quality improving?
Yes. On average each year, the Stormwater Management Department collects 400 gallons of hazardous materials; keeps up to 40,000 tons of construction sediment  out of drainage channels; collects 13,000 gallons of oil; fixes 240 discharge problems found from storm water sampling; and disposes of 116,000 tons of household hazardous waste materials.

What is the City of Garland's total budget?
The City of Garland's total operating budget for FY 2014-15 is $698,935,598.

Where can I get a Toll Tag?
Information on toll tags can be found on the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) website.

Who do I call to find out about bus and light rail service?
Bus service within Garland is provided by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). They may be contacted at 214-749-3278 or at their website.

Who do I call to get my car registration renewed?
Car registrations are renewed by the Dallas County Tax Office. They may be contacted at 972-494-0018 or via their website.

Who do I call to get my drivers license renewed?
Drivers Licenses are renewed by the State Department of Public Safety. They may be contacted at 214-861-2000 or via their website.

Why do I need a disaster supplies kit?
This kit is meant to provide for the basic needs of an individual or family for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency or disaster when resources will be in short supply.  For more information on what items specifically should be included in your plan, please see our Build a Kit webpage.

A pothole on my concrete street was recently repaired with asphalt. Why wasn’t the repair made with concrete?
When the Street Department receives a pothole request, the maintenance crew chief investigates to determine the nature and extent of the problem.  If the problem needs immediate attention or can be improved with the placement of asphalt, the Street Department will make a temporary asphalt repair.  As the department proceeds with its annual infrastructure repair program, temporary repairs will be evaluated to determine priority for permanent concrete repairs.

I saw a City of Garland posting on a job board and I can’t locate it on the City of Garland website. Is it still available?
If you cannot locate the position in the City of Garland Career Center, the position is no longer available.

What hints do you have for recovering from flood or water damage?
Your first concern should be water extraction. It might be necessary to contact a professional extraction service, normally located under "carpet" service in the Yellow Pages. If the floors have carpet, it may be necessary to pull up the carpet and pull the pad out to dry. If you do not dry the carpet and pad, permanent damage (including mold and mildew) may occur. If your furniture becomes wet, place aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent "bleeding" on the carpet. If you suffer only damp carpets, furniture, and walls, adjust your air conditioner to "cool" and your furnace to "hot." Both air conditioners and heaters dry the air, and the drier the air, the faster your personal belongings will dry. Any remaining mud and dirt on the walls should be cleaned with plain water and a brush.

What is the City of Garland's General Fund budget?
The City of Garland's General Fund budget for FY 2014-15 is $146,320,535.

What is the difference between the sanitary sewer system and the storm drain system?
In Garland, the wastewater collection and stormwater systems are separate.
The sanitary sewer system collects wastewater.  Wastewater is used water that drains from toilets, sinks, household drains and some industrial drains.  The wastewater travels through wastewater collection pipes to a wastewater treatment plant where it is treated to strict quality standards.  The treated affluent is then released into Duck Creek, a tributary of the Trinity River. 

Stormwater enters the storm drainage system through street inlets and drainage channels and goes to lakes and rivers untreated.  Stormwater is run-off from rainfall.

Where is the office of the City Secretary?
The Office of the City Secretary is located at City Hall, 200 N Fifth Street,75040.  The office is on the fourth floor. 

How do I find out if I am qualified for a position?
Each job posting includes an overview of the position, responsibilities and minimum qualifications.  If you meet the minimum qualifications, please submit an application.

My street is deteriorating and I believe it should be replaced. How do I get my street to be considered for reconstruction?
The Street Department replaces several deteriorating streets each year.  To determine which streets to replace, information from the Pavement Management System - a program that rates the condition of each street and alley - is evaluated.  The Street Department staff then proceeds with a field inspection for each replacement consideration to determine the streets and alleys that warrant replacement in the upcoming fiscal year.  This evaluation process occurs in the month of April each year.

What can I do to help?

  • Be aware of the stormwater pollution problem.  Awareness is the first step.
  • Become a responsible consumer.  Avoid buying products that could be toxic to the environment.  Carefully read labels, or call the Stormwater Hotline at 972-205-2180 for answers to questions that you may have.
  • Dispose of household chemicals and used oil properly.
  • Keep pet wastes, leaves and other debris out of storm drains.
  • Report illegal dumping to the Stormwater Hotline 972-205-2180.
  • Participate in cleanup activities in your neighborhood.
  • Take caution with your use of lawn care products.  Follow the directions.
  • Maintain your vehicle on a regular basis to prevent leaks.
  • Recycle.
  • Spread the word about pollution prevention.

What is the City of Garland's current ad valorem tax rate?
The adopted ad valorem tax rate for FY 2014-15 is 70.46 cents per $100 of valuation.

O&M             39.40
Debt Service  31.06
Total Rate     70.46 

View the 10-Year Tax Rate History to see a graph plotting the tax rate since 2004.

What is the difference between a severe weather watch and a severe weather warning?
A severe weather watch is issued by the National Weather Service when conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop.  A severe weather warning is issued by the National Weather Service when severe weather has been detected in an area either by radar indicators or trained storm spotters. For more information, please see our Watches vs. Warnings webpage.

Where can I find copies of minutes and agendas?
Copies of agendas and minutes are found in the office of the City Secretary, 200 N. Fifth Street.  Current agendas and minutes are also found on this website.

Where can I obtain or file a claim against the City?
Claim forms are available at the City Secretary's office or may be obtained on-line (Claim Form). Claim forms are filed in the City Secretary's Office, 200 N. Fifth Street.

Can the Street Department do something to eliminate the water that constantly stands in the street in front of my house?
Yes.  Standing water is typically caused when the pavement settles and the water can't drain.  Once a request of this type is received, staff will investigate and collect elevation data to determine the extent of the problem.  If the surrounding pavement is in good condition, it is possible to have the department contractor inject polyurethane material under the pavement to lift it back to its original elevation.  Another option is to grind the pavement to eliminate a high spot in the street. If the pavement is in poor condition, the Street Department will use asphalt pavement to level the street.

How do I apply for appointment to a Board or Commission?
Board or Commission applications are available in the City Secretary's office or on-line (Board & Commission Application).  A completed application can be submitted to the City Secretary's office in person, by mail, or FAX.  Appointments to boards and commissions are made by Council.

How may I verify that my application was submitted and received?
When your application is received for a position, you will receive an e-mail response which says, "Thank you for applying."  You may also review your application submittals by logging in to your account at the City of Garland Career Center as an existing applicant.

Is the Stormwater Management Department part of the Water Department?
No.  The Stormwater Management department is administered by the Managing Director of Engineering, Streets, Transportation and Stormwater Management.

What is the sales tax rate in Garland?
The sales tax rate in Garland is 8.25%.

Why can't I hear the warning siren inside my house?
The warning sirens are designed to be "outdoor" warning sirens only. They are for people who may be outside away from other sources of information. All citizens should have a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio. When weather is threatening, you should rely on the All-Hazards radio, and broadcast media for the most reliable information.  If the forecasters say to take cover, please do so immediately.  Do not wait to hear the warning siren.  For more information on the system capabilities and limitations, please see our Outdoor Warning System webpage.

How can I check the status of my application?
You may check the status of your application by logging in to your account at the City of Garland Career Center as an existing applicant.  You may "View Submittals" through the link from your account.  Applications may show the status as submittal (application received), under review (being screened by the hiring manager), and no longer being considered (your application was not chosen for further consideration). 

I think I need a storm drain inlet installed near my property. Who do I call?
Call the Street Department 972-205-3555,

The sidewalk and curb in front of my house are damaged. Does the Street Department maintain sidewalks and curbs?
No.  Per City Ordinance (Article X, Sec 31.134-138), "It shall be the duty of any abutting property owner to keep the sidewalk, parkway, curb and driveway abutting such property in a good and safe condition, free from any defects and hazards".  To assist property owners in maintaining these facilities, the Engineering Department  manages a 50/50 cost share program for sidewalk, curb and gutter repair.  To inquire about this program, call (972) 205-2170

What portion of the sales tax does the City of Garland receive?
The City of Garland receives 1% of the 8.25% sales tax levied on goods and services within the city.  Another 1% goes to DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and the remaining 6.25% to the State.

Does the Street Department sweep residential streets?
Yes.  The Street Department sweeps arterial and collector streets on a regular basis.  Residential streets are swept by request only.  Residential street sweeping is typically scheduled when the department has received enough requests in the area to constitute a full day's worth of sweeping.

How many employees does the City of Garland have?
There are 2,065 full-time and 58 part-time positions approved in the FY 2014-15 budget.

May I apply for several positions at once?
You may apply for as many positions for which you meet the minimum qualifications.  Once you have created a profile through the City of Garland Career Center, you may click on any open position to submit an application.

Do I have to provide a response to all application questions?
Almost all the information requested on the application is required. If there is a field that is mandatory, it will be noted with a red asterisk (*).  Your application will not be accepted if you leave any mandatory field blank.

Does the Street Department maintain street lights?
No. Garland Power and Light is responsible for installing and maintaining street lights.  To request repair for an existing street light, call 972-205-3483.  To request a new street light, call 972-205-3506

How can I view the City of Garland's Budget?
The web version of the current Adopted Budget can be viewed on this website by mid-November of the year of adoption.  Copies of the Adopted Budget are available at the four public libraries, the City Secretary's Office, and the office of Budget & Research following publication.

Budget & Research Department
Garland City Hall
200 N. 5th Street
4th Floor, Suite 427
Garland, TX  75040

Will I be informed if I am not being considered after I interviewed for a position?
If you supplied us with your e-mail address in your profile or application and you were not selected for the job for which you interviewed, you will be sent an e-mail notification that you were not selected.

Does the Street Department maintain traffic signals?
No. The Transportation Department is responsible for installing and maintaining traffic signals. To request repair of an existing traffic signal, call 972-205-3250 during regular business hours and 972-205-3210 after 3:30 p.m.

May I update my contact information, application or add an updated resume?
Once you have created a profile on the City of Garland Career Center, you may return and make revisions and attach additional resumes as appropriate.

What is the typical Garland residential monthly utility cost?
Total for All Utilities:  $251.88
To see a breakdown by a specific utility, view the Garland Monthly Utility Cost sheet.

Can I recycle pizza boxes?
You can recycle the part of the cardboard box that is not contaminated with food residue.  For example, if the lid is clean, you can tear it off and recycle it.