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EPA Awards Grant to City of Garland

EPA Awards GrantOn September 9, 2003 -The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is allocating a grant in the amount of $200,000 to the City of Garland for the purpose of assessing  “brownfield” sites in the city.  Brownfields are former industrial or commercial sites with real or perceived environmental concerns that may impede further economic development.  The Garland Health Department will use the grant funds to evaluate potential brownfield sites in Garland with the ultimate goal being to return these sites to an environmentally sound condition.

The funds are the result of a $250 million federal economic development program President Bush signed into law last year.  Richard Greene, EPA Regional Administrator, presented the ceremonial check to Garland Mayor Bob Day.  “These federal dollars should help you in moving forward in evaluating abandoned properties ripe for redevelopment in Garland,” said Mr. Greene.  “Restoring a brownfield brings enormous benefits to a community, including new jobs and increasing tax revenues.”

Several sites in Garland will be assessed to determine their potential economic viability.  Many such sites are in east and southwest Garland.  “Redevelopment of existing land and other resources is critical to Garland’s future,” said Mayor Day.  “The Brownfields Program is an excellent example of how our communities can benefit when federal and local governments work together to achieve a common goal.”

The Garland Health Department will oversee the assessment process.  Public meetings and advertisements will be used to solicit input from Garland’s citizens and local business owners concerning potential brownfield sites.  Those sites will be studied and ranked for economic opportunity and health concerns.

More information about EPA’s brownfields program is available at www.epa.gov.  Citizens or business owners wanting to participate in the site identification process may contact the Garland Health Department at 972-205-3460.