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Home Infill Program

The City of Garland's Home Infill program helps promote the revitalization of Garland's neighborhoods and communities along with increasing the rate of homeownership by providing affordable homes to low and moderate income families.

This program promotes and supports the development of new energy efficient single family homes within the City of Garland through Housing and Community Services Department's Home Infill Program 24 CFR, part 92. 

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Down Payment Assistance Program

The Down Payment Assistance Program provides funding to assist with the down payment and closing costs assistance for low income first time homebuyers purchasing a home in Garland.  Assistance amounts are limited to be between $2,000 up to $5,000 depending on the individuals need.  For more information call 972-205-2130.    

  1. Borrowers must have secured the first mortgage funding;
  2. Borrowers must complete the City of Garland Loan Package and submit the loan package obtained from the first mortgage company.

The City will notify the borrower once the status of the application has been determined as well as the amount of down payment assistance that may be provided.  

Application and Review

The City of Garland is responsible for reviewing and approving all program participants, including homebuyers, developers and any other entity receiving a benefit or doing business with the Home Program. 

In order for the applicant to be eligible for Home Infill assistance, the homebuyer must be income eligible by falling between 51% and 80% of the area median income.   

 The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has a variety of mortgage options available. TDHCA lays out everything from traditional 30-yer fixed rate loans and down payment and closing costs assistance, to mortgage credits.  Click here to see participating lenders and programs offered through TDHCA.   


 The Housing and Community Services Department may offer special mortgage financing on new construction single family homes that are sponsored by the City.  If financing is available on a particular property, the guidelines below provide the forms and information needed to apply.  Please verify with the City if special financing is available on a particular property prior to submitting an application.  


 HOME Application Package

Steps to Follow

  1. Contact the Housing and Community Services Department for an information packet.  
  2. Complete and return the Homebuyer Information Form, Confidentiality Waiver.
    • HCS reviews information and sends preliminary eligibility letter.
    • Down Payment Assistance may be provided if available through the Home Infill Program to further reduce the cost of the home.

Eligibility For The House

  • Must be new construction.
  • Must be built in compliance with HCS energy standards and all City codes and requirements.
  • Must qualify as affordable housing by meeting the standards listed below.
  • Must meet the needs of the homebuyer.  Standard home - 3 bedroom, two bath, living room, kitchen, two car garage.
  • Must be environmentally compliant.

Eligibility For The Applicant

  • Must income qualify - Income Guidelines.
  • Must qualify for mortgage
  • Provide a down payment of $500.
  • Complete a Homebuyer Education Class prior to closing.

Mortgage Application Steps

Complete the mortgage application process. Checklist of what you will need to apply for your loan to make this process as smooth as possible, you can use the following checklist to gather all the materials needed before meeting with the City. This way, you will be fully prepared for questions.


  • Photo identification of all household members.
  • Social Security cards for all household members.
  • Complete Mortgage Application.


  • Copies of your last two years Federal Income Tax return.
  • A list of all your assets, including bank accounts (checking, savings, CD’s, IRA’s, etc.), with three months bank statements for each of these accounts.
  • If you are self-employed, a current profit and loss statement and a current balance sheet, three years business Federal Income Tax returns, and evidence of payment of quarterly taxes.
  • A copy of the award letter, claim number or account number for transfer payments received - this includes payments you might have received from a pension fund, disability insurer, etc. The address of the source of the payment is also needed.


  • The name and address of your current employer(s) and other employers for the past two years.
  • A copy of your last 3 months payroll check stubs from your current employer(s).


  • A list of all amounts you owe, including charge and credit card account balances, and child care expenses. Be sure to include account numbers for such accounts.
  • Information about any and all loans, including any loans that another person has co-signed with you.


  • A copy of any of the following items that apply to you: divorce decree, property settlement, verification of child support or bankruptcy papers.
  • If your application is for a Veterans Administration (VA) loan, a Copy of your DD-214 and VA certification. Also, the name, address and relationship of your nearest living relative.

Prepare For Homeownership

  • Take a Homebuyer class and plan by anticipating other out of pocket expenses.  Below are a few of the Homebuyer Education courses you may take.
      • Builders of Home CDC - 214-920-9850
      • Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas - 214-638-2227
      • Dallas County Home Loan Counseling Cener - 214-819-6060
      • NID Housing Counseling Agency - 214-467-8808
      • Urban League of Greater Dallas - 214-413-1721
      • Vecinos Unidos - 214-761-1086
  • Before you receive assistance from the HOME Program, a class on homeownership is required. The homebuyer/homeownership class is intended to assist you with helpful information. It includes information on finding a mortgage, closing on a house and preventative maintenance issues once you are in the home.
  • Finally, closings are often delayed for one reason or another, DO NOT plan to move out of your current house or apartment on the day of closing. We recommend giving yourself at least 30 extra days.