Neighborhood Enhancement Grant

A new spirit of community with people working together for their neighborhoods is growing in Garland.  Neighborhood Enhancement Grants are available to communities through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

The grant may be used to make physical public improvements, enhance safety, or preserve cultural initiatives.  Neighborhood Enhancement provides a cooperative approach to promoting, revitalizing, planning and establishing vital neighborhoods.  This program is coordinated by Housing and Community Services.


To support initiatives that enhance Garland neighborhoods by developing neighborhood leadership, supporting activities of public benefit to the neighborhood, expanding resident involvement, encouraging partnership among community organizations and neighborhoods, and generally promoting livability in one's neighborhood.

Application Process

    1. Contact the Housing and Community Services Department for an information packet at: 
      Housing and Community Services Department 
      800 Main Street
      Garland, Texas 75040
      972-205-2130,  972-205-2149 Fax
    2. Complete and return the application.
    3. Applications are dated in the order they are received.
    4. Applications are awarded based on a first come first served basis and the availability of funding.

Fund Availability

Projects are awarded based on the order they are received, eligibility, and fund availability.  Funds may not be used to support activities or programs for ongoing maintenance or operating budget purposes.  A grant proposal, which requires ongoing maintenance or service fees, must address in the grant application how the project will assume responsibility for ongoing maintenance or service fees.

Disbursement of Funds

Upon final project completion, all vendors and contractors performing work for an approved neighborhood grant project will be paid directly by the Housing and Community Services Department.  At no time shall grant funds be directly transferred to a grant recipient.  Payments will be made for work directly related to the project and as specified in the contract agreement.

Technical Assistance and Project Tracking

Staff will review your proposed grant application and ensure it is complete and ready for submission. Neighborhood Development will monitor projects through completion. If circumstances warrants a change in the agreed upon work, the application may request and amendment to the grant application.  Any amendment must be approved in writing by Housing and Community Services.  Staff is also available for speaking engagements to neighborhood associations, homeowners associations and crime watch organizations.

Partnering Effort

Neighborhoods that are not represented by an established organization such as homeowners association or crime watch group may partner with a non-profit organization for sponsoring. The non-profit can submit the grant, provide the needed volunteer support and contribute the required sweat equity. Neighborhood Enhancement maintains a list of non-profit organizations interested in supporting neighborhood-based projects.