Completed Audits

Issued Fiscal Year 2015
Section UL
 Building Inspection Audit Follow-up (306.6 KB)
 Hotel Occupancy Tax Audit (998.7 KB)
 Kraft Economic Development Agreement Audit (235.3 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2014
Section UL
 Accounts Receivable Cash Handling Audit Follow-up (258.2 KB)
 Building Inspection Audit (198.8 KB)
 Cash Count Audit (366.7 KB)
 Firewheel Internal Control Audit (342.5 KB)
 Firewheel Mixed Beverage Compliance Audit Follow-up (210.3 KB)
 Garland Cultural Arts Commission Inc. Audit (157.9 KB)
 GP&L T&D Capital Reimbursement Audit (295 KB)
 Hawaiian Falls Agreement Audit Report (264.2 KB)
 Kraft Amended Economic Development Agreement Audit (104.7 KB)
 Municipal Court System Access Rights Audit (144.4 KB)
 Recyclables Processing and Marketing Agreement Audit (273.8 KB)
 State Narcotics Seizure Fund Audit Follow-up (201.2 KB)
 Utility Systems Access Rights Audit (164.8 KB)
 Wastewater Audit Follow-up (374.2 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2013
Section UL
 AP - Vendor Master File Audit (79.9 KB)
 Cash Count Audit (63 KB)
 Financial Management Interfaces Audit Follow-up Report (96.2 KB)
 Firewheel Mixed Beverages Permit Compliance Audit (217.9 KB)
 Fleet Services Audit Follow-up Report (167.7 KB)
 Kraft Amended Economic Development Agreement Audit (122.2 KB)
 Sales Tax Compliance Audit Report (134.2 KB)
 Single Source / Sole Source / Emergency Procurement Audit Report (144.7 KB)
 Tax Exempt Properties Audit (153.5 KB)
 Time Warner Cable Franchise Fee Follow-up (45.2 KB)
 Warehouse Electric Inventory & Ray Olinger Power Plant Inventory Audit Report (251.2 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2012
Section UL
 Accounts Receivable Audit (269.5 KB)
 Cash Count Audit (140.6 KB)
 Financial Management Interface Audit (349.7 KB)
 Garland Commission and Cultural Arts Inc Audit (69.1 KB)
 Kraft Retention Agreement Audit (48.6 KB)
 Liability Claims Audit Report (518.3 KB)
 P-Card and Expense Report Audit (182.1 KB)
 Police Peripheral Follow-Up (34.2 KB)
 Safelight Audit (119 KB)
 Single Family Rental Registration Program (389.1 KB)
 State Narcotic Seizure Fund Audit (142.7 KB)
 Wastewater Audit (178.3 KB)
 Wire Transfer Follow-Up (122.4 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2011
Section UL
 Fleet Services Audit (278.4 KB)
 Kraft Retention Agreement Audit (48.8 KB)
 Oncor Franchise Fee Audit (4.76 MB)
 Police Peripheral Inventory Audit (283.5 KB)
 Scofflaw Audit Report (133.2 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2010
Section UL
 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Audit (402 KB)
 Customer Service Billing and Collections Audit - Follow-up (816.1 KB)
 Detention Center Follow-up Memo (108.3 KB)
 Firewheel P-card Audit 2010 (283.5 KB)
 Garland Housing Finance Corporation Audit - Follow-up (831.1 KB)
 Municipal Court Operations - Follow-up (73.3 KB)
 Time Warner Frachise Fees Audit (110.7 KB)
 Verizon Franchise Fees Audit (95.3 KB)
 Wastehauler Franchise Fees (346.7 KB)
 Wire Transfer Audit (213.5 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2009
Section UL
 Atmos Gas Franchise Fees (306.7 KB)
 Construction Contract Audit - Follow-up (36.2 KB)
 Customer Service Billing and Collections Audi (108.7 KB)
 Departmental Purchasing Card Programs (477.4 KB)
 Employees set up as Vendors Follow-up (35.1 KB)
 Firewheel Operating Contract (185.1 KB)
 Garland Cultural Arts Commission Inc (78.5 KB)
 Garland Housing Finance Corporation (209.6 KB)
 Insurance Claims Investigation Follow-up (98.1 KB)
 Payroll Checkoff Audit - Follow-up (38.1 KB)
 P-Card and Expense Report - Follow-up (83.5 KB)
 Safelight Program Audit Follow-up Memo (33.9 KB)
 Water Department Investigation- Follow-up (38.6 KB)
Issued Fiscal Year 2008
Section UL
 Construction Contract Audit 08 (73.6 KB)
 Departmental Expense Reports 08 (513.8 KB)
 Fleet Replacement Process 08 (76.9 KB)
 Garland Cultural Arts Commission 08 (71.9 KB)
 Municipal Court Operations 08 (98.6 KB)
 Organization-Wide Risk 08 (113.4 KB)
 Payroll 08 (71.5 KB)
 Payroll check off 08 (83.5 KB)
 P-Card Audit 08 (79.2 KB)
 Safelight Audit 08 (285.7 KB)