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Fleet Services

Mission & Vision Statement

Fleet Services is a team of professionals dedicated to enhancing city services by providing departments with safe and effective vehicles and equipment. We ensure the responsible use of tax dollars by managing the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of the City’s fleet in the most cost effective manner possible.

We are committed to providing City departments with high quality repair and maintenance services in a manner that minimizes equipment down-time and the interruption of City services to our citizens.

We believe that training is a cornerstone to providing quality service for our customers. We are committed to providing our employees with the opportunities necessary to develop and enhance their skills and workmanship.

We are a team. We believe that working together to meet the challenges we face on a day to day basis will result in the best service for our customers and citizens.

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to providing our best efforts for the citizens of Garland.

Scope of Services

  • Repairs, maintenance, safety / emission inspections, make-readies on all City-owned vehicles, equipment, and generators (1,800+ units). Also do fabrication and tire services and coordinate any warranty, recall and commercial repairs.
  • Fuel Services: Monitor and inspect 20 fuelling locations throughout the City. Order and reconcile fuel inventory and dispensing systems; have two fuel service trucks available for emergencies.
  • Purchasing and specification development for City vehicle and equipment needs; evaluate departmental equipment replacement needs and make replacement recommendations.
  • Auction/Disposal/Acquisition Services: Annual equipment auction, replacement assessments, and specification development.
  • Operating Hours: 18 hrs/day, Mon-Fri (two shifts); road call service during operating hours; on-call service after hours and on weekends; 24-hour drop-off service. Three full-service shop locations, auto, heavy, and Landfill.

Annual Auction

  • Next general fleet auction scheduled for Fall 2012
  • Available viewing times for auction items are to be determined
  • No maintenance records are available – "as-is" only
  • Registration and more information on items in auction

Purchasing Information

  • Please check the City of Garland Purchasing Department website for how to obtain a current list of bids or submit a bid.
  • Check the BUYBOARD website at www.buyboard.com for contract purchases.