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Electronics Recycling

Residents can recycle computer equipment at the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center, located at 11234 Plano, Rd. in Dallas (between Miller and Forest Ln.).  Call 214-553-1765 for hours and to check on electronics taken at this facility.   Residents can also check with local computer retailers about their take back programs for electronic equipment.

Used computer equipment, also known as e-waste, is one of the fastest growing sources of solid waste in Texas and across the country. The State of Texas encourages everyone to support the state’s economy and environment by repairing, reselling, donating, or recycling used electronics.

Although electronic equipment when generated as waste by a household is not subject to federal or state regulation as hazardous waste, choosing to recycle used electronics over landfill disposal reduces the need to process raw materials for new products and reduces toxic materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium from potentially leaching into water sources. 

Visit www.texasrecyclescomputers.org for information about State of Texas HB 2714, which requires computer manufacturers selling in the state to establish free and convenient programs to collect and recycle their own brands of desktops, laptops and monitors sold to consumers.  It also requires retailers selling computer equipment to sell only the products of those manufacturers who develop such recycling programs and file the recovery plan with the State of Texas. 

Where Can I Recycle Electronics?

  • Garland residents can recycle computer equipment at no cost at the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center, 11234 Plano Rd., Dallas, TX 75243 with proof of residency in the form of a driver’s license or current utility bill.  Call 214-553-1765 to check on hours of operation.
    • Garland residents can also recycle Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) such as paint, lawn and garden chemicals, and pool chemicals at the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center
    Goodwill Industries and Dell Computers have partnered to create RECONNECT, a free program for consumers to reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted electronics.  Bring your equipment to your local Goodwill store.  Proceeds from resale value of donations are returned to Goodwill Industries to support the mission of creating job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. Visit www.reconnectpartnership.com for more information.
    • Please note that Goodwill no longer accepts televisions
  • Check with retailers such as Staples, Best Buy and Office Depot for a list of electronic equipment they accept for recycling and any fees that apply.
  • Watch our News and Events and Garland City Press for scheduled citywide electronics collection events.