How many vehicles come to the Landfill each day?
We average 150 – 160 vehicles per day.

What types of waste can be disposed of at the Landfill?
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Why isn’t the Transfer Station open on Saturday?
The volume of waste received from residents on Saturdays no longer warrants having both the Transfer Station and Landfill facilities open.  The Landfill is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

How much mulch can I get?
Most people get between 1 and 2 cubic yards per visit.  You shovel and load your mulch.

Can I bring a trailer to get mulch?
Small trailers are allowed.  Remember, you shovel and load your own mulch.

I have an old lawn mower. Can it be disposed of at the landfill?
Yes, items such as lawn mowers, boats, etc. may be brought to the landfill.  However, please note that all liquids such as gas, oil, etc. must be removed before disposal at the landfill. Any metal items should be placed in the roll off container designated for scrap metal.

Do you take tires at the Transfer Station or Landfill?
It is illegal to dispose of tires in the Landfill or at the Transfer Station.  However, we do provide a tire dumpster at the Transfer Station for up to 4 tires (without rims) so that the tires are diverted from the Transfer Station and Landfill.

What is the cost of disposal?
Landfill Charges:

  • Automatic dumping vehicles/trailers:  $35.00 per ton
  • Non-automatic dumping vehicles/trailers:  $52.50 per ton
  • Garland residents dump for free with proof of residency
  • Minimum charge of $10.00
Transfer Station:

  • Gate rate is $52.50 per ton; no trailers or dump trucks
  • Garland residents dump for free with proof of residency
  • Minimum charge of $10.00, plus state sales tax

Who can I call for more information about the Landfill, Transfer Station or Wood Recycling Facility?
Call Customer Service at 972-205-3500.