Who do I call for questions concerning my recycling, trash pick up, landfill, or transfer station?
Call Environmental Waste Services (EWS) at 972-205-3500. The administrative office is located at 1434 Commerce.

When is my trash, recycling and brush bulky goods collection day?
Your trash, recycling, and brush and bulky goods are picked up on the same day. Your trash and brush and bulky goods are collected weekly. Your recyclables are collected every other week. Find out more about collection map and recycling schedule.

How do I schedule residential garbage or recycling service?
Residential solid waste collection is set up when a resident contacts the City to establish utility service.  For an existing Garland dwelling, one green cart and one red recycling bin are typically left at the dwelling for the new occupant.  However, if a garbage cart or recycle bin is not there when you move in, contact Customer Service at 972-205-3500 to arrange replacement.

I have been experiencing collection problems; what should I do?
Email khumes@garlandtx.gov or call the EWS Customer Service at 972-205-3500 to report the problem or issue. Please include your name address and contact information in case the Customer Service Representative should need additional information.

I found an Environmental Waste Services tag on my container or door. What does this mean?
We use these tags to communicate collection problems. If we encountered a problem collecting your residential, recycling, or brush and bulky goods, the tag will explain the problem or you can call us at 972-205-3500.

If the weather is bad, how will I know if you will provide collection service?
During inclement weather, service may be delayed or cancelled. Learn more about inclement weather updates, call Customer Service at 972-205-3500, or subscribe to Code RED and/or Garland E-News.

How do I report an Environmental Waste Services vehicle performing improperly?
Call 972-205-3500 to report a vehicle performing improperly. Provide a truck number or license number if you have one available.  EWS investigates all complaints.

Does Garland offer waste collection and recycling programs for businesses?
Yes. EWS has a Commercial Services Division for the business community, you can call Customer Service at 972-205-3500 for all your questions.