SH 190

Development OpportunitySH 190 Catalyst Area
The 190/PGBT Corridor represents the potential for new development.  The City’s overall strategy for this Area is to preserve vacant land for high-quality development.  As a largely “Greenfield” opportunity, there is the potential for a regionally-important office and employment “address” (e.g., build-to-suit corporate headquarters/campus) with an integrated mid- to higher-end residential component and support retail.  This area could also attract a lodging/conference center, again as a complement to the office/ employment core but should not compete with already existing development.  

Key Assets

  • Large tracts of developable land
  • New infrastructure
  • Firewheel Town Center
  • Regional access and visibility (SH 190 connection to IH-30)
  • Future connection of SH 190 between IH-30 and IH-20

Market Opportunity:  Near Term

As shown, market potential within the 190 Catalyst Area suggests support for a regional employment center, with a diverse mix of residential, retail, office and employment land uses. 

Targeted Investment Areas

SH 190 and Campbell Road

SH 190 and Lavon Drive

Recent Development Activity

For additional information, follow the link to view a list and interactive map of current and recently approved zoning cases.

Current CIP Projects

The City uses its scarce public bond funds to facilitate the development and redevelopment of Garland. A number of important projects have recently been completed and are currently underway. Below are highlights of projects initiated for this Catalyst Area.  For more information on the City’s capital projects program, please see the City Constructions Projects page.


Retail Strategy for SH 190

Success Stories

Firewheel Town Center