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Tax Abatement

Tax abatement is a possibility when there is value added to the tax roll either by new construction or by the addition of machinery and equipment. The City can abate up to 100% of the incremental increase in real or personal property taxes up to 10 years.  Garland offers a common abatement of 50 percent over five years on the real estate portion of qualified projects. Major projects may warrant special abatement conditions beyond the standard and Garland stands ready to use this incentive to attract the right projects.

Most abatement projects must meet a minimum threshold point total based on full-time jobs, annual payroll, value of new facilities, value of machinery and equipment, value of inventory, and annual sales tax generated or Garland Power & Light electric usage. Significant redevelopment projects may merit special consideration to waive these minimum requirements.

All abatements and other incentives must be approved on a case-by-case basis negotiated by Economic Development staff, reviewed by the Economic Development Steering Committee and approved by City Council.