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Construction Incentives

Infrastructure Cost Sharing

Development projects that have a significant regional economic impact often require the developer to build new or up-size existing public infrastructure to accommodate the development. Public infrastructure includes roadways, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water, structured parking and streetscape enhancement.

As part of an overall economic development agreement, the City may enter into a funding partnership with the private developer to pay for a portion of the costs of infrastructure.

Projects that have benefited from such a public-private partnership include:

Development Fee Waivers

City permit and development impact fees can be partially or fully waived for projects based upon the economic impact to the city and City Council strategic goals.

Expedited Permitting

In order to lessen a developer’s costs associated with the overall timeline of the development review and approval process, certain projects can qualify for an expedited review program. The review program would comprise a streamlined site and building plan review with quicker response times.