Business Profile and Targeted Industries

  • Industry Profile: Garland is home to North Central Texas’ largest agglomeration of manufacturing firms, exceeding 350, which commonly integrate advanced technology into the production, supply and distribution process. Follow the link for a graphic illustration. 
  • Industry Dominance: A shift share analysis reveals that Garland has a number of business sectors (by NASIC code) for which it exceeds national and regional concentrations:

    Key Garland Strengths

    Strongest Garland Presence (Garland to U.S. ratio of employment share >2.0, over 100 Garland jobs) and above average Regional Growth (>4.7%/year)
    4238 Machinery & Supply Merchant Wholesalers
    5312 Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers
    2361 Residential Building Construction
    4241 Paper/Paper Product Merchant Wholesalers
    7139 Other Amusement & Recreation Industries
    7221 Full-service Restaurants
    8112 Electronic Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
    3255 Painting, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing
    5172 Wireless Telecommunication Carriers
  • Dominant Cluster: Garland’s dominant cluster thus falls under the Advance Manufacturing and Technology” (AT&M) cluster deemed a high priority by the State of Texas.
  • Competitive Power: This industry aggregation is due in large part to the City’s uncommon arrangement as owner of its own electric utility, Garland Power & Light. This has allowed Garland to offer very competitive rates to power-intensive manufacturing operations.
  • Corporate Citizens: Corporate citizens include a number of national and multi-national corporations: Raytheon, Kraft Foods, General Dynamics, L-3 Communications, Interceramic, Ecolab, Mapei, Valspar, Sherman-Williams and others.

     Garland's Major Employers

    Garland ISD 7,300
    Raytheon 2,200
    City of Garland 2,000 
    Wal-Mart Super Centers 1,250
    Baylor Medical Center Garland 1,185 
    Atlas Copco 727
    US Food Service 500
    APEX Tool Group 467
    KARLEE 451
    Hatco (Resistol) 372
    Home Depot 339
    Prestige Ford 310
    Plastipak Packaging 269
    L-3 Communications EOS 262
    Interceramic 250
    Valspar 250
    Sherwin Williams 224
    Kraft Foods 224
    General Dynamics Ordnance 200
    Carroll Co. 200
    Arrow Fabricated Tubing 200
    Daisy Brands 200
    Sears Logistics Services 200