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Area Maps

Where is Code Compliance Working Now?

The Code Compliance Department uses an inspection methodology that allows inspectors to be more proactive in providing our services to the community. Under this systematic program, inspectors visually inspect every home a minimum of three times per year in an effort to identify violations BEFORE a service request is filed.

Please assist us in improving your community:

  • Mow high grass/weeds including the alley
  • Trim bushes and trees obstructing or encroaching into the alley/street/sidewalk
  • Remove trash and improper storage
  • Remove inoperable vehicles from public view

The attached PDF’s identify the areas that we will be working on every month:

Monthly Districts

District Map 11(175.6 KB)
District Map 12(117.2 KB)
District Map 21(45.9 KB)
District Map 22(50.4 KB)
District Map 23(100.4 KB)
District Map 31(265.1 KB)
District Map 32(215.3 KB)
District Map 41(109.2 KB)
District Map 42(217.8 KB)
District Map 51(69.2 KB)
District Map 52(120.1 KB)
District Map 61(445.6 KB)
District Map 62(113.3 KB)