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Code Compliance


The Code Compliance Department’s mission is to enforce State legislation and City ordinances that involve residential and commercial properties in order to ensure healthy, vital communities. The department attempts to prevent and eliminate aesthetic problems and ensure that residents have the opportunity to live in a clean, safe, and healthy community. The department also helps to maintain property values and a strong City tax base. This is accomplished by inspecting residential and commercial properties to ensure proper maintenance and compliance with minimum standards.

Code Compliance consists of three divisions:

  • Neighborhood Standards – responsible for inspections within residential areas and;
  • Housing Standards – responsible for inspections of single family, multi-family and hotel/motel properties and;
  • Commercial Standards- responsible for inspections of exterior commercial properties.

ü Conducted over 200,000 inspections including 48,023 inspections which required enforcement actions. Nuisance Code violations increased slightly (1.00 violations per address for FY 2012-13 compared to 1.07 for FY 2013-14).

ü Provided a 7.6 hour response time on citizen service requests (up from previous years but still within departmental standards).

ü Performed 2,709 nuisance abatement work orders and maintained approximately 115 properties acquired by the City through foreclosure. Costs incurred were kept at $141,000 for these abatement activities through the continuation of improved annual notice procedures and scrutiny of work order requests and invoicing.

ü The Single Family Rental Inspection program remained completely self-funded throught the addition of new permits. Staff conducted 1,253 change-in-tenancy inspections on the 8,782 active single family rental residences and increased recheck rates to approximately 80% as a result of the position added during FY 2012-13.

ü The Multi-Family Inspection program conducted 6,397 exterior inspections and 4,281 interior inspections.

ü Acquired the responsibility of commercial property inspection leading to the transfer of certain resources from Building Inspection for the creation of the Commercial Standards Division of the Code Compliance Department.


üReduced nuisance abatement costs related to outside services contracts by approximately 25% as a result of the implementation of improved annual notice procedures and closer scrutiny of contractor work orders.

ü Maintained an average of a 4.8 hour response time on citizen service requests.

ü Reduced Code violations to an average 1.2 per address, despite the challenging economy.

ü Neighborhood Standards recorded 47,604 inspections requiring enforcement actions as a result of the proactive inspection program and experienced an 11% decrease in citizen complaints.

ü The Single Family Rental Inspection program was self-funded. Staff conducted 1,156 change-in-tenancy inspections and increased follow-up inspections by 27%.

ü The Multifamily Inspection program was self-funded. Staff conducted 3,946 inspections representing and approximate increase of 10% over the prior fiscal year.

ü “Code Cares” was honored by the Keep Texas Beautiful organization as a premier abatement program in the State of Texas.

ü The single family rental inspection program was recognized by the Building Official’s Association of Texas for their first annual award for “Excellence in Code Enforcement.”