About Us

The Community Multicultural Commission, which is appointed by City Council, consists of 13 members of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds representative of the city's demographics. The primary focus of the Commission is to serve as an advisory commission, addressing the needs and concerns of the citizens and City Council in the city of Garland. Citizens are invited to attend all meetings and are given 5 minutes to voice their concerns.

The Commission meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City of Garland, 232 Carver (Building #2), Garland, Texas.

Jim Gallegos
Appointed by Mayor Douglas Athas

Appointed by Mayor Douglas Athas

Jennifer Nguyen, Chair
Appointed by Mayor Douglas Athas

Charles Pickitt
Appointed by Mayor Douglas Athas

Kaushalya Siriwardana
Appointed by Mayor Douglas Athas

Deo Sookdeo

Appointed by Council Member Tim Campbell - District 1

LeAnn Kite Hampton
Appointed by Council Member Anita Goebel - District 2

Ed Moore
Appointed by Council Member Stephen W. Stanley - District 3

Janet L. Bridges
Appointed by Council Member BJ Williams - District 4

Appointed by Council Member Billy Mack Williams - District 5

Ricardo Rocha
Appointed by Council Member Lori Barnett Dodson - District 6

Marcie Adame, Vice Chair
Appointed by Council Member Scott LeMay - District 7

Jesse A. Sanchez
Appointed by Council Member Jim Cahill - District 8

Beth Dattomo, Staff Liaison
Cheryl Ziriax, CMC Secretary