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Fencing Requirement for Pit Bull Dogs

Garland Animal Services is preparing to enforce new fencing requirements for pit bull dogs or pit bull crossbreeds. Pit bull dogs or crossbreeds thereof have been responsible for the most dog bites since statistics have been kept (2004). Additionally, 27% of the dogs caught while running at large are pit bull dogs. In response to this growing public safety problem, Garland Animal Services has developed an ordinance based directive that requires owners of pit bull dogs to maintain the animals within a six foot fence.

Specifically, the fence must meet the following requirements:

  • The fence must be six feet tall, measured from the ground.
  • The fence must be constructed of wooden planks at least ½ inch thick or 11 gage chain link fencing.
  • There may be no gaps or openings larger than 2 inches.
  • Fencing must be firmly attached to brace posts buried no less than 18 inches deep.
  • All gates must have a locking mechanism that keeps the gates securely closed.

These directive requirements become effective August 1, 2010.

Pit bull dog owners are exempt from the aforementioned requirements if their dogs are properly registered prior to August 1, 2010 and if they maintain compliance with all applicable Animal Service Ordinances such as the display of city tags and not allowing the dogs to run at large. Pit bull dogs not registered prior to August 1, 2010 must be maintained within an enclosure that meets these requirements. Owners who obtain pit bull dogs after August 1st must consider the cost of fence construction as a cost of owning a pit bull dog.

For Complete Directive Language and more information on fencing requirements, see: