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Wildlife Animals & Humane Traps

If you are a business owner or a resident of the City of Garland and have a problem with stray cats or wildlife, Animal Services has humane traps available for your use. A trap rental agreement will need to be completed and a deposit of $25 for a small trap or $50 for a large trap is required. Deposit will be returned when the trap is returned in good working order. The staff will be happy to show you how to set the trap.

Animal Services has a very limited number of traps available for residents use, which are available on a first come first served basis. Animal Services may need to place you on a waiting list for the next available trap.

How does a humane trap work? 
A humane trap is a cage with a door on one end, which can be lifted up and set in place with a small hook. The door is connected to a flat metal trip plate on the bottom of the trap. The trap is baited by placing food at the back of the trap, past the trip plate. When an animal enters the trap, the weight of its paw on the trip plate triggers the door to shut behind it. The trip plate is far enough away from the door so that the animal is not harmed.

Reserve a trap
Citizens should call 972-205-3570, option 4 to ensure trap availability as the number of traps are limited.  If a trap is unavailable at the time you call, we will need to place your name on a waiting list for the next available trap.

Trap Instructions

  • Check the trap on a daily basis. Leaving an animal in a trap for an extended period without notifying Animal Services constitutes Animal Cruelty under the laws of the State of Texas, and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment
  • *IMPORTANT* Do not set the trap on the day of a holiday.
  • Do not lend the trap to any other person or remove it from your property.
  • Responsibility for the trap is solely yours during this agreement, and you will be held responsible for any expenses incurred by Garland Animal Services to repair or replace the trap if it is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Do not set traps when inclement weather (ex: temperature 32 degrees, rainy etc.)
  • Do not set traps when heat temperatures are extreme. (ex: 100 degrees plus.)  
  • When an animal is caught in a live trap call us at (972) 205-3570, option 1.
  • Animal Services will remove animals from humane traps Sunday – Monday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

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