How can I get a new recycling bin?
You can have up to three recycling bins at no charge.  Call Customer Service at 972-205-3500 to order additional bin(s).

Why wasn’t my recycling collected?
All recycling bins should be at the collection point by 7 a.m. on the day of collection.

  • If the crew accidentally missed you, please call Customer Service at 972-205-3500 to report the miss. 
  • You should have received a tag notifying you of any other problem with collection, including non-recyclables in the bin such as household garbage, chemicals or electronic equipment.

Where do the recyclables go when they leave my curb?
 Environmental Waste Services Department picks up your recyclable materials, and they are transported to the Allied Waste Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Plano.  At the MRF, recyclable items are sorted by type and then shredded or crushed, baled and loaded onto tractor-trailer trucks to be shipped to factories or mills for re-manufacturing.

I see people picking up the recycling from the curb before the collection crew gets here. What should I do?
Tips on handling Theft of Recyclables.

Do I have to take labels and lids off bottles and cans?
No. Labels and lids are okay.  The manufacturing processing is designed to handle labels.  For can lids, rinse the can and put the lid inside the can.  For bottle lids, leave them on.  The manufacturing processing is now designed to handle bottle caps.

How clean do containers have to be before I toss them into the recycling bin?
A good swish is usually enough if all food residue is gone.  Rinsing before recycling helps prevent odor and insects.

Why can’t I recycle plastic bags with my household recycling?
Most retailers who use plastic bags will take them back for recycling.  Putting the bags in the household recycling slows down the sorting time at the processing facility and gets caught up in their equipment, causing downtime.

Can I recycle aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins?
Not at this time because most aluminum foil that ends up in the recycling bin is contaminated with food.

Do I have to bag my curbside recycling?
Generally speaking, no.  It's easier to empty the loose materials and it's easier to sort them at the processing plant.  If you have excess recycling, you can bag in clear bags and place beside your recycling container.

Why can’t I recycle cardboard with my household recycling?
Our current collection system will not accept cardboard at curbside due to the design of our vehicles. They do not compact the materials.   You can recycle cardboard at the Drop-Off Recycling Center, located at 1426 Commerce St., or at one of the three satellite cardboard recycling containers.  Click here for the location of the convenient cardboard recycling sites.

Why do I have to flatten cardboard?
Empty, flattened boxes take up less room in the recycling containers and have less of a chance to blow out.

Why can’t I recycle broken glasses and dishes with my glass bottles and jars?
The combination of ingredients used to make glassware is different from what goes into container glass for bottles and jars.  If these two types of glass are recycled together, the resulting glass will not be suitable for container glass.  In fact, glassware, ceramics, window panes, or mirrors can pose a threat to equipment in a glass recycling plant.

Do you recycle computers, cell phones and ink jet cartridges?
Click here for more information about recycling computers and other electronic equipment.   The City of Garland accepts cell phones and ink jet cartridges for recycling.  You may drop them off at 1434 Commerce St., between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Several schools and churches in our community also sponsor cell phone and ink jet collections. 

Who can I call about starting a recycling program at my apartment complex?
Visit the Commercial Recycling page for information about services for the business community or call Customer Service at 972-205-3500.