Which Garland intersections will be monitored by red light safety cameras?
There are currently twelve cameras installed at eleven intersections: WB Centerville @ NW Hwy, NB Plano @ Buckingham Rd, NB Shiloh @ Kingsley, SB Jupiter @ Kingsley, NB Broadway @ Centerville, NB Jupiter @ Forest, EB Forest @ Jupiter, EB Beltline @ Shiloh, SB First @ Kingsley, SB Broadway @ I-30, NB S First @ Avenue B, and NB Shiloh @ 190.

Wouldn't it be more effective for the light to stay yellow longer?
Yellow light timing is based on the physical characteristics of the intersection and driver behavior. A driver needs sufficient time to see a yellow light and safely determine whether to stop or proceed through the intersection. Increasing yellow light times beyond what is reasonable can actually increase the number of red light runners, because of the longer delay that drivers experience at intersections.

What recourse do I have if I believe the notice of violation was issued erroneously?
If you receive a notice of violation, you may request a hearing. If you received the notice of violation erroneously or if you have a legal justification for going through the red light (for example, if an emergency vehicle forces you through the light), then you are not liable for the civil penalty.

How much is the fine? What about my driving record?
Violators will be assessed a $75 fine for every citation received. If the citation is not paid by the due date a $25 penalty fee will be assessed. These are civil fines, not criminal. Because the violation is a civil matter, it does not count as a moving violation and will not be reported to anyone's driving record.