Brush and Bulky


What length should my tree branches be?
We use a grapple truck to pick up tree branches.  They can be a long as as long as 8 feet. Tree trimmings should be in a separate pile from other bulky waste.

Will you pick up tree trunks?
Yes.  They should be in separate piles from other bulky waste.

I trimmed my trees on Saturday, but my collection day is not until Thursday. When can I set out my tree trimmings?
Brush may be placed out any day within a week of collection.  All other bulky waste items may only be placed at curbside after 6 a.m. on the day before collection.

My brush pile is all over the front yard. Will you pick it up?
Brush should be at the collection point between the sidewalk and curb in your front yard.  Our personnel and vehicles do not go up into the yard.  Once the brush at the curb is removed, you can move the remainder to the collection point.

Do I have to remove hinges and nails from fencing?
It is not necessary to remove hinges and nails.  Fencing sections should be manageable lengths for our drivers to load into our vehicles. 

Do I have to remove concrete from fence posts?
It is not necessary to remove concrete from fence posts.  Our drivers use a grapple truck to pick up the fencing posts.

A storm damaged my trees and shrubbery. How do I get the broken limbs picked up?
Tree limbs and other shrubbery may be placed at the front curb for the regular weekly brush collection.  Leaves and other small debris should be bagged before placing at the curb.  Please keep branches separate from other bulky items so they can be picked up and taken to the Wood Waste Recycling Facility and ground into mulch.

A tree/limb has fallen in my yard/driveway. How can I get it removed?
Trees or limbs that fall on private property should be moved to the front curb for collection.  It may be necessary to cut the tree/limb into sections no longer than 8 feet in length in order to fit inside collection vehicles.

I have extra bags of trash that won’t fit into my trash cart. Can I set them out for bulky collection?
No.  We will not pick up bags of household trash with the bulky waste.  You can request additional trash containers for an additional container fee of $6.10 per month for each additional container.

Do have to put things in boxes that I set at the curb?
We recommend boxing loose things such as shoes and old toys and smaller items that will fit in boxes weighing less than 50 pounds.

Do you pick up shingles?
We do not pick up shingles with curbside bulky waste collection.  Shingles should be taken to the C.M. Hinton Landfill.  Check below for information about delivery of an open top container.

I am doing a large remodeling job. Can I put my tear-out materials out for weekly collection?
We recommend you order a roll-off container for collection and disposal of waste from move-outs, clean-ups, construction, demolition, roofing or home improvement projects.  These containers prevent scattered or windblown debris and reduce scavenging, and the are excellent for materials that are prohibited from curbside collection, including roofing materials, concrete, asphalt, rocks, dirt and bricks. Click here for more information about residential roll-off service or Call 972-205-3500.