Emergency Medical Services


How can I obtain a copy of the Medical Report related to the time I was transported by the ambulance?
Simply fill the EMS Patient Report Request Form provided on the Forms and Publication page. All HIPPA laws will be enforced. There is no charge associated with this request.

Are all of the ambulances staffed with Paramedics?
Garland Fire Department ambulances are staffed with two certified Paramedics. All personnel in the Fire Department are, at a minimum, Certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

Why does the Fire Department send only a Fire Engine on some minor medical calls?
The Garland Fire Department has two Fire Districts that are covered by a Paramedic Fire Engine. This means that the Fire Engine is staffed with a minimum of two Paramedics at all times. Also, the Paramedic Engine carries all of the same medical equipment that an ambulance carries. The only difference is that the Paramedic Engine cannot transport a patient. If the assessment by the engine's paramedics determines that a transport is necessary, an ambulance is dispatched immediately while the patient is being treated and prepared for transport. Please remember that this procedure is used only in the case of minor medical calls. Major medical calls like a heart attack, stroke, gun shot wound and others will have an ambulance dispatched immediately in addition to the Paramedic Engine.

Can I fill out a request and wait for my report?
No. When you fill out a request it is forwarded to the Custodian of Records. When the request is completed your records can be mailed, faxed or picked up at the fire administration office.