Envision Garland


Why have we created the Envision Garland plan?
The City of Garland is legally required to have and maintain a comprehensive plan.  Garland's first comprehensive plan was developed in the 1960s.  The most recent plan was initially developed in the 1980s and has been periodically updated. Envision Garland is the next comprehensive plan that addresses the community's future through 2030.

How will Envision Garland affect my property?
The Envision Garland plan does not impact current zoning regulations or property usage. A comprehensive plan is a written document identifying goals, policies, and strategies for the growth and development of a community.  The plan reflects the community's vision for its future and provides a guide for making future decisions.

How has the public been involved in Envision Garland?
Garland citizens and the City of Garland have been working together on Envision Garland for over two years.  Several hundred Garland stakeholders have participated in the formulation of Envision Garland.  Their hopes and vision for our community's future have been sought by the City  through surveys, community workshops, and other public outreach activities.  Local Garland stakeholder input and vision is the foundation of Envision Garland, and that public support has been invaluable.

How can I find out more about the public's involvement in the planning process?
A summary of public input methods and events can be reviewed through three documents: the Citywide Opinion Survey, the Community Visioning Workshop Report, and the Growing the Vision Workshop Series Report.
In November 2010, we hosted a series of open house events to showcase the preliminary concepts for neighborhoods, activity centers, and employment districts in the future. The presentation materials from these events can be found inthe Document Library.

The Plan Commission has hosted a series of public hearings on Envision Garland to discuss the draft comprehensive plan, which can also be found in the Document Library.  These public hearings were televised on CGTV and can now be viewed on CGTV's Streaming Video website.  Future public hearings will be advertised and posted as they are scheduled.