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Utilities Infrastructure

Providing quality basic public services remains the essential platform for the community’s advancement.  State-of-the-art public safety practice and technology secure life and property in addition to high value/low cost utilities.  The municipality owns its own electric power production and distribution system [Garland Power & Light (GP&L)], transfer station, refuse collection, and landfill.  Furthermore, it controls and runs its own water service, wastewater treatment plants, and a myriad of municipal services required by a growing population of more than 225,000 citizens.  Investments in the modernization and expansion of these public facilities are critical to Garland’s sustainable future development.

Public Utilities System Specifications
Garland Power & Light


603 megawatts

Overhead lines

1,007 miles

Underground lines

1,000 miles

Electric substations

23 stations

Transmission lines

133 miles
Water and Wastewater

System rating


Water mains

1,086 miles

Sewer mains

985 miles

Storage capacity

44.35 million gallons

Pumping capacity

229.94 million gallons
Stormwater Management

Hazardous materials collected

400 gallons

Household hazardous waste disposed

116,000 tons

Sediment kept out of drainage channels

40,000 tons
Source: City of Garland