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Application for New Residential Utility Services

This form should be used only to apply for new utility service.  If you have another type of service request or issue you need to communicate to us, please select a different service request form.

Your Information


Notice: To establish utility service, City ordinance requires you to provide a valid Texas Driver's License or Texas State Identification number.  If you have an out-of-state license or ID, you must email a copy to custserv@garlandtx.gov, fax a copy to 972-205-2100 or bring it to Customer Service at 217 N. Fifth St. before service can begin.  Within 30 days of your service being established, you must provide proof of a valid Texas Driver's License or Texas State Identification by email to custserv@garlandtx.gov, fax at 972-205-2100 or bring it in to Customer Service.  You may also call 972-205-2671 to update your account record.

Employment Information

Spouse Information

New Address Information


If you are moving into a single-family rental property, contact the owner to make sure the property is registered with the City as a rental.  It must be registered before starting utility service.  You may also be required to provide a copy of your lease.

If you are starting service for a home you have purchased, you may be required to show proof of ownership.

  • Copy of the HUD-1 settlement statement, or Federal Closing Disclosure, signed or certified by the title company's agent, or Texas Disclosure signed by the Escrow Officer.
  • The deed that was filed with the county, showing you are the new owner.

Documents may be faxed to 972-205-2100 or emailed to custserv@garlandtx.gov.  Additional documentation may be required in some instances.

Mailing Address Information (If different than above.)

Contact Information

Alternate or Emergency Contact (Someone not living at the new address.)

Current Address Information

Automatic Bank Draft

Yes, I would like to learn more
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Yes, sign me up for E-Bill
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Deposit Requirements: You must satisfy the deposit requirement with a paid deposit, credit check, or an acceptable letter of credit.

Account Establishment Fee: A mandatory $30.00 Account Establishment Fee will appear on your first bill.

  1. The applicant acknowledges that utility accounts and deposits are not transferable between individuals and that the utility deposit will only be refunded in the primary name on the account.  Utility deposits will be refunded when the account is closed and then only after the final bill has been applied.
  2. The applicant acknowledges that the meters are the property of the City and that they may be turned on or off only as authorized by the City.
  3. The City has the right of access to meters whenever necessary.  Failure to provide permanent access to meters may result in disconnection of service.
  4. The applicant understands that the City of Garland may transfer any unpaid utility balance of any occupant to the active utility account at the location where they reside.  The applicant authorizes the City of Garland to transfer the balances of such unpaid utility bills to their account and to disconnect their utility if those balances are not paid in full.
  5. Any unauthorized connection or disconnection of a meter is illegal and will result in the immediate termination of service to any and all meters in the name of the applicant until arrears and all appropriate fees are paid.
  6. The City is not responsible for loss resulting from interrupted service.
  7. The applicant also agrees to abide by and consider as part of this contract any ordinance, rules and regulations the City adopts concerning utility service.
  8. Complete terms of service are contained within Garland Code of Ordinances Chapter 51.  Those provisions of the ordinances control all rights and requirements for utility service.

Rights of Applicant: If there is a dispute concerning billing, the applicant has the right to a consultation with the Utility Customer Service Department, 217 N. Fifth Street, telephone number 972-205-2671.

NOTE: City of Garland can only connect services Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

We will review this request and respond as soon as possible during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  If yourApplication for New Residential Utility Services needs to be completed within 24 hours, please call 972-205-2671.